Networking, for me, has been a life long experience. My father was a great networking and an inspiration. I watched him secure fabulous results with a phone call or short meeting.
As I learned what made him successful, I became the "go to guy" amongst my friends and relationships. I was fortunate to utilize these skills and sharpen them by running Chamber networking, BNI and other informal groups.
With the advent and growth of the internet, it was my goal to build an online system that would benefit businessmen and women with as little or as much participation as they could afford. The problem was solved with two dynamic websites.

The first is This site was designed to be a community portal that would provide residents and businesses with all the resources they would need to learn, inform and link to everything happening in Malden.

The second is our latest venture This site takes the face to face and meeting to meeting effort to a new level. Participants have full control over their information as well as access to a significantly large database of potential clients.